Sores at the Corner of the Mouth Caused by Inflammation

11 Aug

People are often conscious about things that occur on their faces and skin. When you notice sores at the corner of your mouth, you may be experiencing a particular chronic skin infection or inflammation. The condition is termed as Angular Stomatitis or Cheilitis, otherwise also known as Angular Chelosis and Perleche. A person who is infected with such condition does not just experience sores at the corner of the mouth but also acquire other symptoms of the disease as well. It is important to note that such condition is not serious and non-contagious, but the lesions and wounds that may develop at the corners of the mouth can cause discomfort and restricts regular mouth movements. Ulcerations are produced on the lip area such as that of a paper cut on the skin. Eventually, the lesions become crusty and itchy when the wounds start to heal.

It is said that cold temperature or winter time causes sore at the corner of the mouth. The lips become dried up and chapped. Lip protection may be used to prevent the lips from getting cracked and to also prevent sores from developing. Licking the lips with saliva to temporarily moisten the dryness will only cause bacteria to propagate even more.

Another common cause for the development of sores at the corner of the mouth is lack in vitamins and minerals that the body needs to maintain a strong immune system. Deficiency in iron, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and B12 can trigger the inflammation. The best remedy for this is simply to eat nutritious foods rich in vitamins and minerals needed to combat Angular Cheilitis.

Inflammation at the mouth corners targets people of varying ages. When such condition attacks you, you do not just bear with the physical pain but also the embarrassment you will feel due to its unattractive appearance.

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