Split Corner of Mouth and Symptoms

Getting sick is something that an unhealthy person would have gotten used to already. However, a healthy person who is not used to certain abnormalities in his body would become confused and get distressed when his body develops certain illnesses. This is why even if you are not a doctor or a medical student you have to know the symptoms to certain disorders and afflictions. Thus, you also have to know the symptoms of angular stomatitis or angular cheilitis which would surely be evident with split corner of mouth.

1. Lesions or wound-like marks on the mouth, lips, and corners of the mouth. Bacteria that cause this infection likely live in the folds on the corners of thee mouth. Thus, this is where the first few lesions would be found. Moreover, these parts also break easily every time the mouth is opened. In some cases, the corner of the mouth would even experience worse when it seems to weep or get crusted. Fluid would flow out of the split corners of mouth.

2. Soreness is always felt even if you will not have lesions or wounds on your mouth or lips. This is also one of the earliest warning signs of the invasion of the infection-causing bacteria and fungi. This feeling would even get worse when you actually have split corner of mouth.

3. Dry lips would be a common sight in a person with Angular Stomatitis in addition to the split corner of mouth symptom that would harvest mocking stares from some people with malicious minds, thinking that the sufferer may have AIDS or syphilis. When you have this symptom, you have to keep your tongue to its own corner instead of touring all over the lips.

Licking your lips will only make things more painful for you.

4. Blisters or rashes would add to the assumption of other people that you really have AIDS or cold sore as this will strengthen the signs started by the split corners of mouth that you already have

Sores at the Corner of the Mouth Caused by Inflammation

People are often conscious about things that occur on their faces and skin. When you notice sores at the corner of your mouth, you may be experiencing a particular chronic skin infection or inflammation. The condition is termed as Angular Stomatitis or Cheilitis, otherwise also known as Angular Chelosis and Perleche. A person who is infected with such condition does not just experience sores at the corner of the mouth but also acquire other symptoms of the disease as well. It is important to note that such condition is not serious and non-contagious, but the lesions and wounds that may develop at the corners of the mouth can cause discomfort and restricts regular mouth movements. Ulcerations are produced on the lip area such as that of a paper cut on the skin. Eventually, the lesions become crusty and itchy when the wounds start to heal.

It is said that cold temperature or winter time causes sore at the corner of the mouth. The lips become dried up and chapped. Lip protection may be used to prevent the lips from getting cracked and to also prevent sores from developing. Licking the lips with saliva to temporarily moisten the dryness will only cause bacteria to propagate even more.

Another common cause for the development of sores at the corner of the mouth is lack in vitamins and minerals that the body needs to maintain a strong immune system. Deficiency in iron, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and B12 can trigger the inflammation. The best remedy for this is simply to eat nutritious foods rich in vitamins and minerals needed to combat Angular Cheilitis.

Inflammation at the mouth corners targets people of varying ages. When such condition attacks you, you do not just bear with the physical pain but also the embarrassment you will feel due to its unattractive appearance.

Tips for Angular Stomatitis Treatment

If you are suffering from the pain of having chapped lips during summer, you are not really alone in looking for a cure to this condition. If your condition started out with chapped and dry lips, you should be particularly look for Angular Stomatitis treatments. That is, you are not alone on the quest for the right treatment. There are some things that you ought to do in order to remedy your condition. The good thing is that you can start the process towards Angular Stomatitis treatment at home. Now, these are the tips that you have to follow yourself if you want immediate relief.

1. Put a little harmless moisture into your lips by applying shea butter and coconut or olive oil. Do this at frequent intervals.

2. Alter your diet by taking more supplements particularly Vitamins B1 and B12. If the pointed cause or trigger for your condition is iron deficiency, you would need the professional help of a doctor for your full Angular Stomatitis treatment.

3. If you cannot bear the pain brought about by chapped lips already, you can provide moisture to your lips by applying lip balm or lipstick. However, you should avoid doing this frequently.

It is recommended that you visit your doctor in order to get a Angular Stomatitis treatment if your condition will get worse. The signs of your condition worsening would include symptoms such as:

• Bleeding sides of the mouth every time it is opened
• Deep sores, cracks, and cuts on the mouth
• Candida infection
• Attacks several times in a year

In severe cases, Angular Stomatitis treatments might not work any longer. In your condition, you would need stronger medication especially if the pain will get even worse. Some doctors would prescribe tropical creams in order to help you relieve your condition.

Understanding Stomatitis Mucositis Better

You know that you are infected with stomatitis mucositis because some symptoms appear on your mouth corners such as the swelling and cracking of the skin and the inside of your mouth appear pinkish or inflamed. This event happens when some fungal or bacterial organisms break into the tissue linings of your mouth and settle there. Remember that this is different from stomatitis alone because the stomatitis usually occurs on mouth corners while the other one is an infection in the inside of our mouth that have been triggered or infected by stomatitis. There are some factors contributory to this type of condition and here are some of them.

1. Poor fitting dentures or leaving dentures in the mouth for long. When dentures are poorly fit on the gums, saliva may usually drip down on people’s mouth corners and this invites the proliferation of yeast and bacteria. Stomatitis usually appears as creases on mouth corners but when totally aggravated stomatitis mucositis develop and this will be manifested by the appearance of canker or mouth sores inside the mouth.

2. Infections from Candida yeast. This form of yeast thrives on moist skin particularly on exposed moist skin areas where it have medium for its growth so when the yeast lands and thrive on the mouth corners it will also cause creases on the skin and eventually into cracked lips and then contaminate the inside of the mouth.

3. Some drugs that are used for medications can also trigger stomatitis attack because chemicals especially antibiotics can lower our body resistance and this can promote the growth of skin infections due to low level of protection on our skin.

4. Poor nutrition is also another major cause. If we are on an unhealthy diet we would be lacking in iron or in Vitamin B complex. These are essentials in keeping our skin and body healthy and protected from any skin infections.

5. A weak immune system due to illness or when under treatment from cancer can also bring you near stomatitis mucositis infections. You do not have any protection against yeast infections and bacterial intrusion if your immune system is at very low level.

If you happen to have this skin disorder, your doctor should analyze first what causes this attack so that he can recommend to you the right treatment. Do not settle with home treatments if you noticed there is no healing with your stomatitis.

Stomatitis Mouth – Natural Remedies To Heal It

In today’s world, it would seem like people are already too irresponsible and negligent about the medicines that they are supposed to use. Some have already become addicted to pills that were supposed to lull them to sleep. Being dependent on these pills, they could not sleep without taking a single one, they become more immune to the effects of the drug that they would eventually need to take them in larger doses.

Addiction or drug dependence is only one of the biggest reasons why you should stay away from taking pills in an effort to heal your Stomatitis mouth. Having such an affliction and experiencing all the soreness, redness, and swelling on your mouth area would mean that you need to bow your head down so that others would not notice. You would eventually become desperate to look for a quick cure. However, pills would not offer you the quick solution that you need to get rid of your Stomatitis mouth.

Having been affected by Stomatitis mouths should not spell the end of the world for you. Instead, the negative results that you can expect to feel should all the more motivate you to use other kinds of treatments aside from these pills. You do not need to look far for the alternative solution since there are natural remedies that you can turn to for help.

When you opt for natural remedies to cure your Stomatitis mouth, you need to take natural medicines which should be from herbal extracts. Even if you are willing to spend much on the treatment for Stomatitis mouths, you will be unintentionally saving much if you will opt to use natural remedies for your affliction instead.

You have got to go back to the basic and back to when the world was not as complicated as it is now for you can easily find the solution that you are looking for. A good thing now is that people are slowly discovering the effective healing power of nature.

Stomatitis Treatments

Stomatitis may not be a common term to everyone. But this is very evident in people who have lesions on certain areas of their mouth such as the gums, lips, cheeks, tongue, salivary gland, and the mouth corners. It is otherwise known as mucositis. The affected part becomes inflamed due to factors such as poor hygiene, ill-fitted dentures, and mouth burns caused by hot food or liquids. In severe cases, cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy are vulnerable to Stomatitis. There are several Stomatitis treatments that an affected individual can consider to speed up the recovery from the disease, although the condition is not long-lasting, which can only occur within a few days to weeks on some individuals.

The following are various Stomatitis treatments:

a. Eating foods that have the required vitamins and minerals and avoiding those that are spicy and acidic.
b. Always keeping proper hygiene to prevent the body from bacteria and pathogens.
c. During the brushing of teeth, a soft-bristled toothbrush must be used to keep the gums and lips from getting minor wounds that would attract bacteria. For good mouth hygiene, it is recommended that the mouth should be rinsed with a salt and water solution 3 to 4 times a day instead of using mouthwash.
d. If denture is the cause of Stomatitis, it is advisable to remove the dentures at night or before sleeping, and make sure it is regularly soaked in an antiseptic solution to stop bacteria propagation.
e. Another option for a Stomatitis treatment would be to visit your doctor and ask for prescription. It is best to consult the condition with an expert if it has become more complicated such as when it is difficult to take in liquid or open the mouth wide.

Whatever kind of Stomatitis treatment works for you, make it a point to be religious about following the proper treatment instructions to keep the condition from coming back.

Different Angular Stomatitis Causes

Angular Stomatitis is an affliction which mainly affects the mouth and the lips of the one who suffers from it. It is also called by other names such as Perleche and Angular Cheilitis. This is quite a frustrating condition because it will really catch you by surprise when it occurs. According to medical studies, there are no apparent Angular Stomatitis causes. However, there are certain things that are thought of as culprits of the said affliction. Thus, if you know what these possible causes are, you have to do everything in your power to avoid them from happening to you so that you will be safe from chapped lips and wounded mouth corners.

1. Vitamin Deficiency. When you lack certain vitamins, the immune system would be among the first to be affected. Angular Stomatitis will likely occur if you lack Vitamin B12. Thus, you have to increase intake of this particular vitamin as well as those of the others for preventive measures. This is one of the Angular Stomatitis causes that you can easily remedy if you will start changing your diet to a healthier one.

2. Iron Deficiency. This is again another body deficiency that has a significant impact on the immune system. Iron deficiency as one of the numerous Angular Stomatitis causes is actually the specific reason why those wounds on the corner of the mouth of the sufferer would not easily get healed. Despite efforts to keep these areas dry, the wounds would not heal easily if you still lack iron in your body. The best thing to do is to take iron supplements.

3. Ill-fitted dentures. Dentures should be kept clean and disinfected the whole time or else they would serve as breeding grounds for the bacteria and this would be another Angular Stomatitis cause.

4. Others factors. These uncategorized factors would include overexposure to the sun, dry mouth and lips, and eating the wrong foods.

Overview of Angular Stomatitis

During extremely cold and hot weather conditions, many people would confess to having Angular Stomatitis. This is because these are the weather conditions that would cause your lips to become extremely dry as well. If you have not yet heard much about this affliction, you have to be able to know what this disease is all abut so that you would know what to do when time comes that you may have it or any of your family and household members.

People Prone to Angular Stomatitis

This affliction does not just hit anybody randomly. This targets certain groups of people which include those with vitamin B deficiency. If you are not fond of eating foods which are rich in this type of Vitamin, you would be susceptible to Angular Stomatitis. Even toddlers cannot escape it especially if they are always sucking on their pacifier. Grown ups with dentures too provide nice invitations to breed bacteria and fungi that will lead to the affliction.

Symptoms of Angular Stomatitis

You would know when one is affected with this affliction when the person has chapped lips, cracks on the corners of the mouth, wounds on the lips, pus coming out of the cracks and wounds, and even bleeding, in severe cases. Your tongue will have a crust that is in white hue. The cracks may eventually become dry flakes and scabs that you would really be conscious about. Blisters can even be created or if your mouth already has them, aggravation may happen.

Stomatitis Remedies

There are local pharmacies selling medications which are affordable and proven effective by ex-sufferers of the said affliction. You can ask the pharmacist about the appropriate cure for this. If you want to be sure about everything though, you have to go to the doctor to get a proper diagnosis and prescription.

Don’t Avoid People With Angular Chelosis – Here’s Why

Being in the circle of family and friends would make you feel warm and secure. When you are already feeling their hugs and see their comforting smiles, you would also likely feel at peace with yourself. However, you should also know that these bonds between people with relationships are usually fragile. Simple miscommunications and little misinterpretations could break these bonds so easily.

When you suffer from Angular Chelosis, these bonds would be put to test. According to families of people who have suffered from Angular Chelosis, these sufferers would stay sullen and quiet in one corner, unmindful of the social invitations that they were handed with. Classmates, officemates, friends, and family would be affected whenever the sufferers would withdraw from the social life that they are used to.

If you do not want to break your bonds with people whom you have loved your entire life, you should prevent Angular Chelosis to happen to you or to any of your loved ones. The culprit in this change in behavior would be those hideous and scary cracks on the corners of your mouth or the flaking of your lips. When you have any of these Angular Chelosis symptoms, you would have no option but to pull yourself out of the spotlight and into a dark corner where you would not have to see the mocking eyes of those people who do not understand what your affliction is. Your relationships with the people whom you love are too precious to pay for the sufferings that you have to endure due to the sickness. If you care about these relationships that took you almost a lifetime to build, you have to keep yourself in the healthiest state possible. As long as you are healthy and your immune system is strong, you would have no trouble fighting off the affliction.

Learning the Angular Stomatitis Causes and Factors

Skin inflammations can be irritating and alarming as well. Although the condition is not as scary as that of other harmful diseases, it is still part of having a healthy body system. Inflammation occurring on the sides of the lips or around the corners of the mouth is called Angular Stomatitis. This condition is characterized by cracked lips and fissures on the mouth accompanied by sore or swelling and even pus. In order to be cautioned of such disease, we need to understand the Angular Stomatitis causes and the factors that trigger it.

The primary agent of the inflammation is fungal infection or bacterial growth on the affected part of the skin. Now, when do bacteria start thriving on the skin and spread infection? Let us find out the various Angular Stomatitis causes:

a. People who have low immune system easily get affected with unwanted health deficiencies. An imbalance in nutrition often causes the infection since our body has an insufficient supply of vitamins and minerals needed to get the bodily systems running. A person who lacks Vitamin B and iron is prone to infections.

b. Cold weather conditions can cause the skin to become dry. During these times, people experience chapped and dried lips because of the cold. Some tend to lick their lips dry with saliva to moisten it. Unknowingly, it is with moisture that bacteria thrive and spread rapidly especially when fissures have occurred on the cracked area of the skin.

c. Wrinkle formation and creases present on the skin is also one of the Angular Stomatitis causes. This is especially true as one grows old or if one is too fat. Skin creases create moisture which makes it susceptible for fungi to grow and thrive.

These are the common Angular Stomatitis causes and factors that may trigger the disease. So, if you care for your skin and for your health, be aware of these factors.